Bulanova revealed the innermost secrets

titleTatiana Bulanova boasts an interesting creative destiny. The artist could well become a chartered librarian and work myself surrounded by books, but life has presented a future star a chance to try yourself in a completely different field.It is now realized Tatiana herself, then she had much to keep secret. But now the singer in leading a double life no one will reproach: and the Statute of limitations has expired, and the current status of one of the most famous singers of the country also speaks volumes."I wanted to be an actress, Alisa Freundlich, - says Tatiana with the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - And was told everything. But it so happened that he entered the profession of "librarian-bibliographer." I then worked in the library of the naval Academy. Two years Unlearning. A good student, any lectures missed. Then he secretly took documents to try to enter the St. Petersburg school-Studio of the music hall. It is managed. And the story with the library faculty has jammed itself.".

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