In the Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin opens exhibition of William Turner

titleOne of the most anticipated projects of the Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin exhibition of the classic of English art William Turner, opens at the Museum on 18 November, has informed RIA "news" the Deputy Director of the Pushkin Museum Zinaida Bonami."To take in the Museum exhibition Turner is a great responsibility and honor, his works are regarded as a national treasure of England and rarely leave the country," said Bonami. According to her, this is a feature of British art - it small in Museum collections around the world, except perhaps the USA.The last time Turner, which critics consider the artist rather impressionistic sense, demonstrated in Russia for more than 20 years ago, and its present appearance in the Pushkin Museum - fact, if not exceptional, extremely rare. She also said that all pictures submitted to the gallery Tate Britain - one of the largest art museums in the world.The Exhibition "Turner. 1775-1851, is a visual accompaniment to traditional music festival "December nights": any special design features to show Turner as, for example, a specially built halls for temporary exhibitions "Chanel. Art out of time", this time is not expected.According to Bonami, for exhibiting works of such avant-garde guest background is not needed, except that the color palette of the show will be interspersed with beautiful play of his paintings and watercolors.As has told the Deputy Director of the Pushkin Museum, in coordination with Tate Britain transportation options and exhibiting 40 paintings, 70 watercolours and two prints at the Museum took a year, and all the legal details spelled out in scottradecom the contract.As for the financial part of the project, it provided the entrepreneur, member of the Board of Trustees of the Museum, Alisher Usmanov - the corresponding Memorandum was signed in March of this year."Despite the global economic crisis, funding for the exhibition has not changed from the point of view of the number of things is, in particular, relates to the insurance of works of art, and from the point of view of the publication of catalogs and brochures for the exhibition", - said the Deputy Director of the Pushkin Museum.According to her, the exhibition "Turner.1775-1851" is the most expensive project in the history of the Museum, which is carried out at the expense of sponsors on a personal Usmanov and the Foundation "Art and sport", one of the founders of which he is.The opening was expected from the Russian side the Minister of culture of Russia Alexander Avdeev, Director of the Pushkin Museum Irina Antonova, and with the British - the British Ambassador to Russia Anne Pringle, Director of the Tate Gallery, sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate Britain Stephen Duker and others.Ducer in the day of the official opening of the exhibition, will give a public lecture on English art, illustrations which will be not only famous paintings of Turner, but his training Studio. The schedule of lectures can be viewed on the official website of the Pushkin Museum.Joseph Mallord William Turner is one of the greatest British painters of the late XVIII - first half XIX centuries. He became famous for his landscape works, which are now exhibited in many museums around the world. His paintings reserved several rooms of Tate Britain gallery in London. Source: the Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin opens exhibition of William Turner.

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