The actress talked about sex scenes with Basharov

titleSlender actress Anna Cozychic told "Z" about what it is to be in bed with Marat Basharov encounter with him not only face to face.25-year-old star of the film "ula", which will soon be released, shared one of the most exciting sexual experiences in my life.It was not that scary, but exciting, " commented the sex scene Anna. I was at first unsure of myself, and indeed that these scenes need. But I am convinced that it is necessary, that will be all nice and... well. When we started shooting, the people at the site became immediately less. Still, most people here have a sense of tact, and people didn't stop us. However, at the monitor put the person who drove away the curious. By the way, we used a minimum of fixtures. For example, such sheets and blankets that are invisible to the camera. However, Marat is a very nice man and I had no negative emotions. Sometimes we even joked that there was no confusion. Tried to treat this complicated case with irony.- How would you describe Marat Basharova in bed?He's a very good partner. Partner is very caring and attentive. And to work with him I was very comfortable. I'm glad fate gave me the opportunity to play with such a wonderful actor, as Basharov. Someone on the site thought that we were shooting porn, but it's not. Anyway, I could not back out halfway. It was jumping into a pool from a diving Board.- Kissing Marat?- I've already been asked, kissing Marat Basharov. I can't tell the feeling, because... I don't remember. Perhaps we should do this again, to remember. (Laughs.)- As a reaction, your mother? Surely sternly said about this scene?"On the contrary, except that the head is not stroked! Going to the premiere. But grandma... She's the only one in his family knows what happened actually. I think that if she didn't go to the cinema, and she lives in Siberia near Krasnoyarsk, she doesn't know. But if the movie is going to be on TV, then she will know that granddaughter has grown up. She was shocked when she saw me with a cigarette. Source: the Actress talked about sex scenes with Basharov.

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