Singer Rihanna and her boyfriend took a timeout in the relationship

titleSinger Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris brown took a timeout in their relationship. The British edition of Digital Spy reports that a possible cause of the breakup was the fact that brown did not sufficiently support the singer.She always tried to help him.A source close to the couple said: "They are pretty cute couple. Chris for several months was accompanied by Rihanna during her tour, she the same did for him. But Rihanna has always rewarded him for help, he in turn not." The last time brown saw at parties in Europe, while Rihanna was in the US at the concert Pepsi Smas Super Bowl.Romantically linked couples started a year ago. Brown wrote several songs for a joint performance with Rihanna. Since then, the couple often got in the lens at parties. But the questions about the personal life of 20-year-old Rihanna and 19-year-old Chris always answered reluctantly, constantly repeating that they are just friends.The Daily Mail previously wrote about their joint activities in the Caribbean and about meeting Chris with Rihanna's parents were also shown the photographs, which show the kiss in the hotel's pool in Jamaica. All this only confirms that the relationship between the Barbados beauty and Chris brown long gone beyond friendship.As noted by RIA "Novosti", Rihanna and Chris brown are the main heroes of the American Music Awards 2008. Chris brown has received three awards as "Best artist of the year", "Best pop artist" and "Best R & B Blues artist." Brown, who managed to record their platinum album in 16 years, admitted that the victory was a complete surprise to him. Rihanna was named "Best pop singer". She was the best singer in the "soul/R'n'b". Source: Singer Rihanna and her boyfriend took a timeout in the relationship.

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