Berkova promises a reward for the stolen pig

titleThe sad event was overshadowed by the wedding of Elena Berkova in the club "Velvet". The ceremony was presented with many gifts, flowers, money envelopes and other values, but the most unexpected gift was the pig, donated by the singer Mira.Lena was so passionate about animals, and sometimes they forgot about his blessed Ivan Belicove, whirling with the mumps around the club, tossing her, showing guests and lamenting that this is the best gift in the midst of the economic crisis.And it would be nice if the three hours of the night showed up that little pig, which he named Elena Berkova in honor of the hostess is not in the club.Lena is upset and is now in a deep depression. Press service asks for help in finding her most precious gift. Special signs: small black eyes, at the top of the pink patch black border, clear pronounced lower lip.Urgently ask you to help in search of pigs, the reward is guaranteed personally by Elena Berkova!Source: press service Elena Berkova Source: Berkova promises a reward for the stolen pig (photos).

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