The KHL has punished those responsible for the death of Cherepanov

titleContinental hockey League (KHL) has issued punish guilty in the death of hockey player Omsk "Avant-guard" Alexey Tcherepanov, died 13 October last year at the age of 19.Lifetime disqualification was received by the heads and doctors of Vanguard, and former Director of the Moscow "Vityaz", according to "Sport-Express".Former President "Avant-guard" Konstantin Potapov and CEO of club Anatoly Bardin banned for life. The same punishment was received by the former Director of the "Vityaz" Mikhail Denisov, having been convicted at that time of the match Vityaz - Avangard was not provided with adequate conditions for the meeting.The doctor "avant-Garde" Sergey Belkin also received lifetime bans, and his colleague Dmitry Matushenko suspended for two years. According to the Vice-President of the KHL Vladimir Shalaev, medical staff "avant-Garde" knew that Cherepanov suffered from disease of the heart, associated with professional practice in sports. The doctors guilt is not admitted.Shalaev said that the investigation established that three hours before the game with the "Vityaz" in the body Cherepanov was injected kordiamin. This tool was used as a medicine and not as a doping because the hockey player suffered myocardiocytes.During the away match with situated near Moscow "the hero", held on 13 October 2008 in Chekhov, Cherepanov lost consciousness. The stadium didn't have a car "ambulance", and when the doctors arrived, the defibrillator has been discharged. Attacking "avant-Garde" died a few hours at a local hospital. The cause of death was called heart failure. Source: KHL punished those responsible for the death of Cherepanov.

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