In Moscow Tom cruise 2 hours handing out in the cold autographs

titleTom cruise visited Moscow for the premiere of his new film "Operation Valkyrie". Came without Katie Holmes, but with Director Bryan singer and screenwriter Christopher Mcquarrie.Before the superstars visit to Moscow, the organizers held with journalists, the political Commissar, after agreeing on all the issues and warning: on a personal not ask about religion too. Say, so fierce that Tom cruise, we need to be careful with him.Tom cruise was a sweet man and a high-class professional. At a press conference he gave detailed answers and participated in the discussion of the picture even when journalists asked to give him a break.In General, behaved like a real person and not a bronze bust. Together with Bryan singer keenly interested in The location of an interpreter - he was discovered at the end of the hall opposite the guests, and with Brian and then the entire conference winks to the poor and even applauded him when, oblivious, delivered a long tirade in English, forcing the translator to reproduce the words in Russian memory.This is not the first visit to Russia for both Americans: Cruz came to Moscow in the late 80s, and singer and in General, it turns out, last year I was in St. Petersburg with George Lucas. What did they do in the Northern Capital, Brian never told - but the fact remains.Cruz admitted that modern Moscow made him an incredible impression: he arrived late in the evening on the 25th and still could not sleep looked out the window and watched the city.Were guests and traditional cultural program - excursion to the red square. Was delighted: "it's One thing when you read about it in books - and more, when all I see with my own eyes." Singer added that his favorite composer is Tchaikovsky. Cruz said that will definitely make a movie in Russia, and this singer is said, if so, he's on the team.After the press conference ended, Tom cruise was delayed for another couple of minutes to give journalists autographs and take pictures with everyone. Personal bodyguard immediately slipped a special marker, and then kindly took on the role of photographer. If not for the guards at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which hosted the press conference, which tried to push the reporters away from the body, the stars, everything would be fine.Star gave EACH their precious attention: Tom just left squiggles on paper - he is shaking hands with you, looking you straight in the eyes without turning away immediately. The full effect of what he speaks to you and only with you.In the evening at the cinema "Pushkin" premiered. Unlike our "stars" Tom cruise is not just arrived on time - he arrived 10 minutes early. And then two hours - TWO HOURS!!! the actor signed autographs for fans. At a temperature of minus two degrees. In a jacket on Vodolaga.Tom cruise, the Hollywood superstar, approached everyone who was waiting for him on the red carpet, autograph, shook hands and took pictures. At the waiting photographers came off hands and feet from the cold - but Cruz his feat erased all their suffering with the face of the earth. Source: Moscow Tom cruise 2 hours handing out in the cold autographs.

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