10 most insane spender in the history of mankind

title10. In Rome there were so many rich people as never was in other capitals. They tried to outdo each other in squandering. "Winners" were often those in power.So, the Emperor Vitellius whole nights spent on banquets, taking an emetic, mixed with food. For one of the feasts he needed 2000 birds and 6000 delicacy of the fish. It cooks constantly puzzled over the invention of new dishes. One of them is worth 100,000 sesterces and was made with sweetbreads, roasted birds, pheasant and peacock brains, tongues, parrots, etc.9. Crazy Emperor heliogabal, imagines himself a living God, ate green peas, mixed with flecks of gold, and rice pearls. Whether unsurpassed imagination of the Romans in gastronomy, hard to say. But some of these traditions took them to the next generation.8. In 1172, in Becker with brilliant courtyard of the count of Toulouse gathered even more brilliant society of the kings of England and Aragonia. They needed to discuss some political issues. In those days, to think about the costs it was considered bad form. Forum member William Martel, for example, brought with him 300 knights. These "bodybuilders" are glorified in tete-a-tetes, they were famous for their monstrous appetite. In order to better to treat them, the owner banned the flushing of the pockets in the kitchens of ordinary firewood. For noble knight stomachs was told to cook food on the fire a waxen torches, which was not cheap in those days they replaced the chandeliers.7. The originals were large and in Russia. The famous Nizhny Novgorod fair in the merchants tavern wash a good deal. One of the drunken revelers drew attention to singing in a cage for the Nightingale. Beckoning finger of the owner. He runs up and obsequious bows. "How much?" asks Kupchina. "A hundred rubles, your' ighness!" - "Fry!" The owner takes the bird cage in the kitchen. After some time returns with the Nightingale on a silver platter. Merchant, Bicas, for a long time trying to understand what had brought him, then said: "Cut a penny".The mother of Nero, Agrippina once paid a huge sum for song of the Nightingale: she wanted to know the taste of the language of this bird. With the light hand of the Empress, the ornament of the table of the wealthy Romans began pate Nightingale language.6. But all surpassed Bertrand de Rumbaugh. He decided to cultivate the land around the castle owner. In response to the bewildered questions only silent knight grinned in his beard. When finished plowing that furrow went people with Sumy over the shoulder. They "planted" in the ground thirty thousand heavy coins of pure silver. Guests gasped, and Rumbaugh was shining like a new penny.5. Lover of the Queen Anne of Austria, the Duke of Beckingham known based on the novel of Dumas 'the Three Musketeers', they appeared at the ball in the dress, richly embroidered with pearls. However, the pearls were sewn somehow, and the thing came off.Forgetting about the dance, the participants of the ball rushed to raise them. When pearl brought to the Buckingham, he politely asked me to leave find themselves on the memory.4. And the French Ambassador, the Duke of Richelieu (not the cardinal, and his descendant) in Vienna "soril" silver horseshoes that are specifically poorly nailed to the hooves of his horses.3. A man who wants to spend money, make an indelible impression on women. Everyone knows philanderer. But not every of them would venture that made the Duke de Conti. Shortly before the French revolution in conversation with him, a court lady de Bolt has admitted that he would like to have a thumbnail image of birds.After a few days she received from the Duke a gold ring with a desired pattern... which was under a flat diamond of great value. De Bolt was flattered, but the diamond was sent back. She didn't think that deserves such an expensive gift. In his reply the Duke de Conti said that he deeply regrets its failure. And, I went on the sand to dry the ink, which was written by his answer, made from the same diamond.2. Everyone has heard about the feasts of the Roman political figure Lukull (106-56 BC). This guy was famous for its "gourmet gluttony". This is how much typical PIR writer Petronius Arbiter. Lucullus displayed here under the name of Trimalchio."Entering the house of Trimalchio," says the Referee, each of the guests wash their hands in the water, handed him a slave, then he washed feet, and he lay on prepared him a bed, and the servants brought a large table in the middle of which was a wooden hen with Golden wings; about her peacock lay eggs.The master, smiling, said: "my Friends, I ordered the peacock put the eggs under the hen.

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