The participants of the show `House-2` got allowed

titleParticipants in the longest of the Russian reality show "Dom-2" on channel TNT decided to farm. The time for sowing arable land, unfortunately, lost, so they started with livestock.They built warm the coop and settled there first guests - 14 hens and three roosters.Will the birds love to build, is not yet clear, but the first day in a new place among them stood out the leader - cock breeds black Castellane, which the participants "Houses-2" with the move called Ruses."We once saw, knew immediately who he looks like, I told Nadia Ermakova, referring to Rustam Solntsev. - First, this rooster is a stunningly beautiful color. It's black with shimmer, and it has a very intriguing look. And secondly, he immediately began to operate surreptitiously a chicken something will whisper to the other...".

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