Brad pitt became interested in spiritualism

titleFrom midlife crisis no one is immune. Even such a talented creative person like brad pitt. More recently, the actor claimed that his children are his life.But, according to rumors, now the value of the stars has changed a bit. 44-year-old father of six children became interested in spiritualism, contact with spirits in trance.A new passion arose after brad had watched a TV documentary about spiritualism. According to friends, pitt read a lot of literature on this topic and have already begun to practice. Now he's even looking for a role in a film about communication with spirits.All anything, but a friend of the star Angelina Jolie the interests of the partner does not share. Angelina Jolie has already prepared a gift for the 45th anniversary of a loved - motorcycle. Vehicle Ducati Monster 1100S Titanium, which she ordered in Italy, will join the collection of two-wheeled "toys" brad pitt December 18."Brad is now something of a midlife crisis. He asks questions such as "What I want to do with the rest of my life?", - told the sources close to the famous family. - Watching a movie Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America, the actor tried to discuss their problems with ghosts. Angelina tries to support her husband, but not in this matter - according to a source, she is afraid that pitt is not has become an obsession".In turn, pitt did not fail to appease the mother of his children and made her unique gift is recorded on Angie courses on anger management, teach relaxation techniques, correct breathing and meditate. The actor is tired of his beautiful half, leaving himself, throws himself into it with knives. They say brad is afraid that her throwing knives out of control, and hopes that his "gift" will help her become calmer. Source: brad pitt became interested in spiritualism.

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