For the inauguration of Obama purchased 5 tons of glass

titleUS secret service responsible for protecting the American leader, intends to take during today's inauguration of President Barack Obama's unprecedented security measures.To protect the guests of the event will be more than 40 thousand people. For the inauguration of a specially made new armored presidential limousine and purchased 5 ton four-layer bulletproof glass.Bulletproof glass, capable of protecting the new President from hazardous chemicals and fire set on the platform at the West steps of the Capitol where the ceremony will take place and on the podium in front of the White house, where Obama will oversee the completion of the inaugural parade, says the Washington Post.The inauguration of Obama awarded the highest status events "U.S. national security", and for coordinating all steps to ensure the security meets the Secret service, reports RIA "Novosti".Officially no details about the security measures is not given, but, according to the media, to protect Obama and the activities involved 58 representatives of power structures of the USA. For example, on the roofs along Pennsylvania Avenue, a parade, will be placed snipers around 100 fighters.Security in the city will observe 5 265 thousand surveillance cameras installed in the city, as well as automatic sensors to detect in the air, chemical, bacteriological and radioactive substances.According to official data, to guard and patrol Washington during the inauguration will be 23 thousand police officers and soldiers of the national guard and coast guard ships and fighter jets of the air force. All in all, the security at the inauguration Obama involved 42,5 thousand people.Recall also that especially for the inauguration for Barack Obama created a new armored presidential limousine based on "Cadillac". The machine is equipped with the most modern means of protection, and the license plate adorned with the number "44" - Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. Source: For the inauguration of Obama purchased 5 tons of glass.

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