John Lennon's `resurrected` for the sake of advertising

titleLost 28 years ago by an assassin's bullet musician of the Beatles John Lennon enlivened by means of modern digital technologies, to take part in a charity project "Every child a laptop"."Imagine that in front of any child, wherever they live on the planet, opens the door to a universe of knowledge," says Lennon in a TV commercial. - They will have the opportunity to learn, to dream, to achieve all that they want. I tried to achieve this with their music, but now you can do it completely differently".According to BBC, the widow of singer Yoko Ono gave permission for the manipulation of archival records Lennon. Hire this infomercial nobody is paid, and aired it out only thanks to the goodwill of the broadcasters themselves. It is expected that in the near future it will appear on YouTube.Recall that the purpose of the program "Every child a laptop, or OLPC, that is, One Laptop per Child, is to ensure children from underdeveloped countries cheap portable computers. The cost of laptops for everyone is $ 400 and sold them to the G1G1 scheme, that is, Give One, Get One " - " one, one poor." This means that buying yourself such a computer, you pay the cost of another, which will get children from Libya or Latin America.Specifications specially developed for the OLPC machines are quite modest - CPU frequency 433 MGz, the screen diagonal of 7.5 inches and a hard drive is no more than one gigabytes. To set built-in keyboard, touchpad and VGA video camera.It should be noted that called XO laptops from OLPC since November of this year can be purchased in Russia. However, the issues of warranty service and tech support for them is still open. Source: John Lennon's "resurrected" for the sake of advertising.

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