Devyatov saved a policeman from new year's fireworks

titleActive preparation for the new year is now people's artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov. But the pre vanity almost ended in tragedy.Neither the world nor the Russian crisis has not affected the demand for the artist, so very soon Devyatova and his folk group "Yar hotel-mark" expect hot Christmas days. And while a family man Vladimir Devyatov buys gifts and fun holiday, one of the main surprises of which should be crazy fireworks.Buy Vladimir and pyrotechnics started the other day. What ended the pre-holiday bustle, says the artist himself:- In the store I was given a huge box where you put all my purchases, and that they not collapsed in the car, a box wrapped with tape. Well, then...The car was stopped by a policeman and suddenly decided to check the trunk of the artist. Seeing the box, the guard got a little nervous and started looking at Vladimir. Heard about what's in the box pyrotechnics, the policeman peremptorily ordered to show. The box was opened, but the guard decided to make sure that it really Picardy and crackers and took one in his hands. Then the unexpected happened - in the hands of the policeman, the firecracker exploded.What happened next, barely even remembers Vladimir himself. The policeman screamed, grabbed not by the ear, cheek and grabbed Devyatova stranglehold. Shouting "Help" was not necessarily the artist himself and realized that man needed help, and the nearest hospital is far away and looming traffic jam... But Vladimir did not panic and rushed into a police car, who was standing nearby, grabbed the radio and called for help. The ambulance arrived within a few minutes. By the provision of first aid, it became clear that nothing serious, a little scratched cheek and ear, and from which flowed blood and scaring the victim, and artist. When calm was restored, the artist and the law guardian was able to laugh at the incident: the phrase "hurt by a firecracker in the..." cheered everyone. Source: Devyatov saved a policeman from new year's fireworks (photos).

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