Director Rotaru robbed oligarch Usmanov

titleDirector Rotaru robbed tycoon. Olga konyakhina cheated Sofia Mikhailovna and Alisher Usmanov.A new scandal erupted around the legendary singer Sofia Rotaru and its ex-Director Olga Kanehirai. This time the financial dealings of former Manager celebrities touched and powerful. Konyakhina took 30 thousand euros advance payment for the performance Rotaru at the Christmas party Usmanov and handed them over to Sofia Mikhailovna, pascariu between a famous singer and billionaire.For none of the fashionable crowd of Moscow is not a secret, pompously and scope every year walking Alisher Usmanov. And in this year, despite the financial crisis, the billionaire decided not to change their habits and assembled popular singers on the party.The highlight of the program Usmanov decided to make one of his favorite singer - Sofia Rotaru. But the legendary singer has not come up to the feast, where she waited for hours. And only phone call new Director Sofia Mikhailovna, Director of the Agency "the Kremlin Concert" Sergey Lavrov made it clear the reason for the lack of the singer.As found LIFE.RU from reliable sources, Rotaru did not even know that was supposed to speak on this day, but still have most of Usmanov. Artist to watch, when the tycoon was waiting for her at the party, worked elsewhere.It appears, in the middle of the year the representatives of the billionaire gave the former Director Sofia Mikhailovna advance for her performance in the amount of 30 thousand euros, and the remaining 20 thousand promised to give on the day of the party.In turn, the already infamous konyakhina not handed over the money to the boss, and at the end of October, and did hid, have left Rotaru more than 300 thousand euros.- If Usmanov's representatives handed over the money to Olga, then let her and their demand and let her explain why Rotaru did not sing on this corporate - confessed son of singer Ruslan Evdokimenko. - I know that we have been offered to sing for the remaining 20 thousand euros, but Rotaru will not work for half the price. Moreover, konyakhina and we have a lot of money. We worked out a tour of Russia, and the fee is still not received.Recall that financial scandal with the ex-Director Sofia Rotaru erupted in late November of this year. Russian show business was literally in shock after learning about financial fraud Olga Kanehirai, in which the total amount owed, some representatives of show business, more than a million euros. By the way, a victim of Olga and became the darling of the public Nikolay Baskov: she needs him 25 thousand Euro, which took the "Golden voice of Russia" in debt in the middle of the year. Source: Director Rotaru robbed oligarch Usmanov.

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