Friske had a fight with the Army because of the fee

titleFor Jeanne Friske, whose voice at ready for the release of the animated film "Niko" says Wilma (weasel), the dubbing of the cartoon character made his debut. As it turned out, the singer in this sort of thing, and the fee therefore the singer paid - as "teapot".As we found out LIFE.RU this was the reason for the conflict Friske and Dzhigurda. Work on the animated picture proved Dzhigurda his baritone knows the price.Nikita immediately agreed to participate in the project, but the fee he asked for a double. Since his brutal voice we could hardly be replaced, we went to meet him,- has shared with LIFE.RU the project administrator.All anything, but only as an ambitious singer learned that the fee Nikita double that broke a real scandal.CartoonHowever in a cartoon characters voice actors, not friends. Graceful weasel ran away from home to realize his cherished dream - to become a singer. However, the beauty of the matter is adjudged to be in an awkward situation, but as Jeanne. In a multi Jeanne also sings: pet Wilma dream of becoming a star of the music scene.- Wilma - playful, dancing, don't be disheartened, ready for various tests of a girl who loves to sing and dance, she really wants to help the protagonist to find his daddy! However, I found it not so easy. My Wilma is quite headstrong, proud, and petrenka, says Friske.But Nikita Dzhigurda got the role of the chief bandit - leader of the Wolfpack, a large and vicious Black Wolf.- It is very steep, so steep that I had to stop my upper-body strength and move on to subtone because Black Wolf - the real mater godfather. The wolf in childhood, not enough love. His little loved, and he turned into this man who is not willing to listen with compassion and mercy, talks about the multpersonazh Dzhigurda. Source: Friske had a fight with the Army because of the fee.

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