Valeria and Jasmin did not share the stage

titleA huge scandal broke out at the ceremony, the prestigious musical prize "ovation", which took place on Wednesday in Moscow. On the battlefield was the artist, whose name is rarely heard in backstage brawls.However, that night, Valerie had to show character, and with it the wonders of endurance. On the other side of the barricades have been the singer Jasmine. The two singers did not share the stage and figure out the issue peacefully failed.As it became known LIFE.RU due to unimportant organizing the celebration was delayed for two hours. Before leaving Jasmine administrators stated that she would have to wait a while, as Valeria will perform before. The singer actually asked the organizers to give her the opportunity to reach out to the audience before the shifting of the schedule she was already late for the broadcast. The reaction of the actress Semendueva (as indicated Jasmine in the passport) was extremely aggressive and unpredictable.- Why should I back off? What are you doing? How much should, and will! said the singer, who at this point seemed ready to explode with indignation.The ceremonyValeria and her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin, believe that the Jasmine behavior could not be described as tactless. Indeed, among the artists there are always those situations, and in most of them colleagues help each other.- If God did not mind, where do I get it - categorical, but honestly commented Prigogine.Director Jasmine Marina Romincka, which actively participated in a backstage showdown, has his point of view on this matter.- The thing is that the whole concert was delayed for two hours, - shares LIFE.RU Marina. And when at ten o'clock I went and saw in the script that is set before us Valery, naturally, I became indignant and say, why so much delay even put before us some of the artists. Source: Valeria and Jasmin did not share the stage.

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