The hottest Russian actors

titleThey are young, talented, famous and has a great future. have audited the main hope of Russian cinema and selected the hottest heroes-lovers under the age of 35.Funny and charming Alexei Chadov professional on the set, superhero on screen, but in real life - the handsome philanderer. Role Chadova, mostly military, but all of his characters do not like each other. Courageous and fearless Sergeant Ermakov in Balabanovo "War" or timid, sensitive soldiers Sparrow in "9 Rota" - Chadov always different, able to captivate and intrigue.Smart, well educated, with model looks, Danila Kozlovsky for three years he acted in several films and received a "White elephant" for best actor. Fans loved actor for a deep and truthful images. Neuro-explosive straightforward Nicholas in Garpastum or intelligent Borman, with knowledge of the history of the Second world war, in the film "We from the future" - before charm and charisma Kozlowski can't stand no one spectator.Bright appearance, youthful enthusiasm, energy and impulsiveness - Artur Smolyaninov woke up famous after the role of Fierce in "9 Rota". By his own admission, willing to play day and night and in all conditions, practicing countless takes. Especially well-received role the homeless sensitive soul, a difficult fate and the dangerous glint in her eyes. Wants to play Rogozhin in the idiot", sings the songs of Vysotsky and I am sure that glory is synonymous with loneliness."St. Petersburg lyric" Evgeniy Tsyganov - strong, terse, with low voice and this man's appearance. Remember in the movie "let's make love", "dreaming of Space" and, of course, "Peter FM". Simple story, related to the loss and the discovery of a mobile phone, was a huge success with spectators of all ages, and the actor firmly entrenched image of "St. Petersburg romance".Young and erudite Leonid Bichevin loves to play extraordinary characters, and their idols calls De Niro and al Pacino. He made his debut as Valera, who threw the heroine Agnes Kuznetsova on a farm in "Cargo 200" in the film "Once in a province" played a simple guy named Che, and in "Closed spaces" - a young man Wen suffering from agoraphobia.The main feature of his characters - male charm, before whom he cannot stand any woman, without exception.Kirill Safonov particularly good at the role of heartthrob. His hero Sergey Nikiforov in the TV series "Tatyana's Day" is able at a glance to turn to ashes hundreds of women's hearts. Watching Sergei wagging the destinies of two women, TV viewers of all ages don't blame him for being indecisive, but on the contrary, my dream is to be in place for these two.Intelligent, romantic, sensitive Egor Beroev performed the title role of Erast Fandorin in "Turkish gambit". Councillor of state, who fled from Turkish captivity and rescuing the young heroine barbarian, a real hero.Courageous and very gentle, he strikes an inner light, warmth, kindness, and dignity. And his eyes, so sad and heartfelt, deeply penetrates into the soul of fans and remains there forever.Fatefully, courageous, with impeccable manners, Daniel Strakhovu role of heroic lovers succeed particularly well. Noble and demonically beautiful Baron Korf from the TV series "Poor Nastya" instantly captured the hearts of young girls and Mature who work in the male charm women.He radiates calmness, coldness, severity, and yet it has an inner fire, temperament, qualities possessed only by a real man.Andrey Chernyshov attracts fans not so much his athletic physique, how much charm and sexuality, which the actor does not hold. In the series "Total therapy" hero Andrew - Lovelace Roman Zaslavsky is seriously part of any relationship, and to work, thus breaking the hearts of the surrounding women. However each one does not lose hope that one day the "man of dreams" will forget about your business and draw attention to it.Maxim Matveev is Russian Orlando bloom: long hair, a serious look, a sly smile. Only if Orlando painfully corny, the Maxim is masculine. Despite his young age, in the theater, the actor had visited Edgar in "King Lear" and Vadim Dolcini in "the Last sacrifice".However, spectators remember his role after Denis Orlov in "the Vise". Energy ambitious DJ night club girls pulled like a magnet. Source: The hottest Russian actors (photos).

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