Madonna brought out a new boyfriend

titleBeautiful blonde, the Queen of the pop scene Madonna once again showed the world an example of courage and eternal youth.A few months on her photos published in all the tabloids, it was impossible to look without sadness - extinct view was exhausted by the divorced 50-year-old woman, haggard face, thin arms...But has not passed also month as Madonna has been revived from the ashes, like a Phoenix from the ashes. On Sunday, the singer is accompanied by his longtime friend, photographer Steven Klein appeared in public in an expensive new York restaurant Waverly Inn. All gasped, seeing Madonna completely transformed her face glowed with happiness, and she could not give more than 30...Journalists immediately suspected: Yes they like each other! Moreover, for anybody not a secret - Madonna has a weakness for young boys. All her fans at least 10 years younger than the singer.Most recently, it was almost married with star Alex Rodriguez - baseball player. Madonna then told everyone that he is attentive, sensitive - performs all her whims and for the sake of love even imbued with the teachings of the Kabbalah. But, apparently, something went wrong..Last Christmas Madonna visited London, where she met her former husband, film Director guy Ritchie. Ex-beloved finally put an end to the dispute about the custody of children - eight-year-old Rocco and three-year adopted David. What they've decided is unknown, but The Daily Mail says it ended the world.In this new year, 2009, Madonna managed not only to find new love, but to conclude a contract with the famous fashion house of Louis Vuitton. The singer has become the new "face" of the spring collection, spring-summer - 2009, developed by designer Marc Jacobs. Candid photoshoot already caused a lot of complaints and disputes. One thing is certain: Madonna is the real Queen, the beauty and strength of character which can't break any personal problems or age. Source: Madonna brought out a new boyfriend.

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