Highlights of show business in 2008

titleDaily Telegraph newspaper has published a list of the brightest events (read - hot scandals in the world of show business.Kind of a brief overview on the topic "who-where-when-who". True, except public arrests and scandals in public toilets, journalists paid attention to secular events.Amy Winehouse: rebootThis year she has not released any records, but became a walking ground for gossip and rumors. The problem with drugs, hospitalization and imprisonment of her husband into custody. What woman can bear it. But among her fans proved himself to Nelson Mandela, who invited Amy to a party in Hyde Park on the occasion of his 90th birthday. In Central London, the singer performed the song "Free Blakey my fella".Guns N Roses came out of hibernationAxel rose is the mastermind and artistic leader of the legendary rock band Guns N Roses - presented a new album. In General, it took 14 years and $ 13 million and the army explosive musicians. However, the musician was not long in sight of the General public and hastened to "lay low".A complete failureThe most pressing problem of the music industry were not Lyra, but the tubes. More precisely, the question of how these pipes would povygodnee sell. Western music lovers don't want to buy license CD-ROMs. A complete failure! And people listen to music daily and constantly, but no one can this how to make money.Divorce of the yearThe three leaders Amy Windows, Paul McCartney and Madonna. The Queen of pop gave her husband too little time. She was interrupted by an advertising company tour "Sticky and Sweet" even in order to be alone with guy Ritchie. Busy woman - business woman. Needless to say, love in Hollywood is failing.Abba - Swedish dreamKaraoke on screen - as called by Western journalists of the film "Mamma Mia!" - became the most successful British project for all time. It's true: everything new is well forgotten old. As the songs of the Swedish band, who are always equally good.Britney Spears - Hello again!She visited the hospital, was a psychiatric examination, lost custody of children need, but, nevertheless, gave popular to obsession song "Womanizer". By the way, the name of Ms. Spears is still in the online search engines are the most popular - often gaining only Barack Obama.The Hermit RingoFamous drummer, ex-beatle Ringo star asked fans to leave him alone and not bother about the autographs. To let go, so to speak, on a holiday.George, you suck!George Michael was arrested. Once again. But not for the brawl in a public toilet in Beverly hills or drunk driving. More to the singer was arrested for possession of class A and C, i.e., cocaine and marijuana. The press were waiting: what to expect from Michael in the next year? Don't know don't know. We'll see.Tatyana Goncharova Source: highlights of show business in 2008.

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