Bruce Willis sued

title"Die hard" was at the center of proceedings relating to his film company Willis Brothers Films. Upon application of the plaintiffs, Willis broke the contract and must pay $ 4 million.Some time ago Bruce Willis has signed agreements with three companies for the production of drama Three stories about Joan". Camilla Belle was supposed to play the lead female role, while Bruce himself was going to play not only in the role of the father of the heroine Belle, but also the first time to try his hand at directing.Lawyer companies, filed a lawsuit against Willis, reported that on September 29 last year, the actor had left the Director's post and actually dropped out of the project without explanation. Further comment the lawyer refused.Representatives of Bruce Willis in press contact not going.Information about the project stars of "sin City" appeared last summer. In the directory of the American film Market appeared the picture of "Three stories about Joan", where in the "Director" flaunted the name of Bruce Willis. Been announced and the budget of the tape - 10-25 million dollars. In addition to Camilla Belle, among the cast was listed Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin. In mid-September 2008. Shreveport Times newspaper reported about the start of filming in Shreveport. They had to go from 3 October to 10 November.And then there was silence. Interestingly, none of the official sources - either Variety or the Hollywood Reporter - draft Willis has not written a line. But now the reason the media became clear. It seems that the producers tried to agree with Willis amicably, but nothing came of it.This year Bruce will again be seen in the image of an action hero in the sci-Fi Thriller "Surrogates" Jonathan Mostow. The picture will be released on 24 September. Source: Bruce Willis sued.

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