In Thailand, for criticizing the king prohibited the British magazine

titleIn Thailand is prohibited to spread the authoritative British magazine The Economist that criticized addressed to the king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).The person of the monarch sacred in Thailand, and for anticorrosive statements you can get up to 15 years in prison.A scandalous article in the latest issue of The Economist entitled "Royal fail" (A right royal mess). The author just assumes that the king of Thailand, may bear some responsibility for shook the country's political crisis, writes "Kommersant". Opposition people's Alliance for democracy may 25 conducted daily rallies in Bangkok, August 26 his supporters seized the government House, and from November 26 to December 3, kept the capital's airport Suwannaphum. The economy has suffered huge losses. Everyone expected that the king will intervene, will use his authority, but he said nothing.The police advised the distributors of printed products is not to bring in this issue of the magazine. To distribute the controversial issue of The Economist refused the largest in Thailand, is a chain of book and magazine stores Asia Books.The Economist is not the first victim of the reverent attitude of the Thai people to royalty. Last year, more than six months was blocked popular website due to the fact that an unknown user posted a few videos that offend the king. Google has refused to remove the rollers from the server, but eventually made concessions.American Paul Handley, author of a book on Rama IX "The King Never Smiles", was blacklisted by the Thai frontier. The book is also banned in Thailand, it is impossible to even order online.In December 2006 in the Swiss city Oliver Jufer with anger splattered paint in a portrait of the king, as he could not buy himself a beer - was the birthday of his Majesty, on such holidays in Thailand are prohibited from selling alcohol. The result is a prison term of ten years. Six months later he was pardoned and sent home, in Thailand he is survived by a wife and a house.The publication notes that the majority of Thai people simply can not imagine life without Rama IX, because they were born after he ascended the throne in 1946. Thai king is the world record holder for the duration of the term of the Board. Rama IX is the richest monarch in the world: Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $35 billion King founded more than 3 thousand so-called Royal projects across the country. This investment in agriculture, construction, health and other sectors of the economy. On 5 December he was 81 years old. Source: In Thailand, for criticizing the king prohibited the British magazine.

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