Pornstar can be a U.S. Senator

titleAmerican porn star 29-year-old Stormy Daniels will participate in the struggle for a post of the Senator from Louisiana.The initiators her nomination for the post become fans of porn actress who said that this representative of the state "would be proud". Daniels, not a member of any party, in its turn said that "always ready for a good fight"."Politics is hardly more messy business than I'm already doing," argued the blonde beauty choice. In addition to filming in porn films as an actress Daniels is also involved in writing scripts for them and directing. In addition, she starred in several popular Hollywood comedies, including in the movie "the Forty year old virgin". Regular elections to the U.S. Senate will take place in 2010. At the moment the coveted seat, which decided to stop Stormy Daniels, belongs to Republican David Vitter.However, Whittier was a client service escort services in connection with which the scandal broke. After this fact was discovered, in July 2007 Witter apologized to the voters for a very serious sin in the past." Now Witter is going to run for a second term and, thus, will rival Daniels.And the girl herself seems firmly set up. She is planning a trip to Louisiana to talk to the electorate about issues of concern, including the economy, the participation of women in business and child protection."At first no one even aimed to make me a candidate. Think it was aimed at drawing attention to senatorial elections generally. Then the reaction was very positive, and I think all support it", - quotes the words of CCN blonde. Source: porn star may become a U.S. Senator.

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