30 years ago the cardinal-Slav for the first time became a father

titleThe Roman Catholic Church is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the election to the papacy of the first ever Pontiff-Slav, Polish cardinal Karol Wojtyla, who took the name John Paul II.These days in the Vatican are memorable events, conferences and meetings dedicated to the Roman high priest, who became one of the most charismatic leaders of the planet the last quarter of the twentieth century, reports ITAR-TASS.16 October 1978 decision of the Church of the Conclave was so unexpected that one of the Western news agencies reported on "the election of an African Pope. This "news" lasted no longer than a minute, but suggests that the candidate Karol Wojtyla was not considered by vaticanisti seriously.Today in the press center of the Holy see about his work with John Paul II tells his permanent camerarius (personal Secretary) cardinal Stanislav Divis, the current Archbishop of Krakow. He wrote a memoir about his famous countryman and the chef "a Life with Karol". This book was filmed feature film "Testimony" with American actor Michael York, the premiere of which also will be held today at the Vatican. In anticipation of the cardinal Gives said that "the late Pope loved journalists, even when they criticized". On the anniversary of the Archbishop, together with other members of the Synod held here will celebrate a mass in Rome's St. Peter's Cathedral. Source: 30 years ago the cardinal-Slav for the first time became a father.

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