Olga Buzova leaves the project `Home-2`

titleThe star of "House-2" Olga Buzova decided to leave the project to manifest itself in the domestic show business as a singer.Olga Buzova has long established itself as the goddess of "House-2", its rating and glory is the envy of all the women who can only dream of such popularity, it is a well-known TV blondes. But regardless, Buzova out of the longest reality show."Just spend four and a half years in a confined space is a lot, - shared his opinion with the Days.Ru Olga Buzova. - Want to feel finally free, gradually and smoothly enter our modern life. It grieves me that all used to seeing me as a participant of "House-2". But that I have many other talents, no one knows. The status of the participant't the end. Want a lot of things at once.".

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