Basque daughter was fascinated by Caballe

titleAfter the divorce, Nikolay Baskov enjoying the freedom and not in a hurry to opt for any one girl.And if a few months ago, the tenor was thought to have an affair with a young makeup artist named Anastasia, now talking about his romantic connection with her daughter Montserrat Caballe Monsite.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the former passion of the Basques has not been fired from his team and offered to be friends. 19-year-old Nastya agreed to the terms of the singer and continued to work with him, however, to comment on the situation wants.If you believe the rumors, Nicholas is now a much more serious hobby. Daughter Montserrat Caballe beautiful, talented, rich, and has for a long time Baskov warm feeling.Nikolai Baskov, then still a family man, together with his wife Svetlana even attended the wedding of Mancity and businessman Carlos. The marriage of the singer did not last long, broke up and seemed to be a strong relationship of Nicholas and his wife. This Union did not save even the presence of the family of the son of Bronislaw.They say that his role this could play originated in the early days of Dating Baskov and Mancity mutual sympathy. The couple met in 2000, when the singer announced Baskov his disciple.Nicholas has always gravitated to luxury brunette and dark-eyed, with long dark hair and bright features Monsite even something like the ex-wife of singer Svetlana. Rumor has it that Baskov and daughters Caballe serious. Tenor though already spent the night with Manitou at the capital hotel, and now the case goes to the wedding. Source: Basque daughter was fascinated by Caballe.

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