Mischa Barton staged a lesbian scene

titleA couple of days ago the Internet was just ripped from the information that actress Mischa Barton (Mischa Barton) staged a lesbian scene during the celebration of his birthday.About it did not write only the lazy: Misha photographed with a girl whom she passionately kissed. And since on account of the actress involved in two lesbian films varying degrees of success, it could not fail to draw attention. And in addition, announced that henceforth Mischa likes girls because she and during the filming said that to participate in relevant scenes she likes.Today Misha performs with refutations. Here's what she wrote in her blog: "Certainly, many of you will have seen my photos taken at the party to celebrate my 23rd birthday. In the press this photo is called a lesbian kiss. Okay, so be it. But I would like to clarify something, lest there be no gossip: this kiss is purely Platonic. We just dabbled, and "pulled out of context". The woman took my picture - my close friend Irina. She works as a model in Paris. We met a few months ago and quite a lot of time spent together. We have many common interests, and I love to be in her company. You may consider my Parisian partner on adventures!".

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