Russian governors swept fashion for video blogs

titleExamples of the first persons of the state have become contagious to Russian officials. Played enough enough to favorite Boris Yeltsin tennis and decorating the rooms faces of Vladimir Putin, this time following President Medvedev they open video blogs.On January 19 at the site of administration of the Bryansk region was presented vlog Governor Nicholas deneen. In his debut video, the duration of which is slightly more than 2 minutes, the Governor appealed to Bryansk Internet users urging them to take part in the elections of city and regional legislative Assembly on 1 March."I'm happy to improve their computer literacy, flipping through web pages on the Internet", - said the Governor at the beginning of his treatment and switched to the topic of the forthcoming elections. "Open website easier than to come to the polling station," he said, calling on Internet users to participate more actively in the political life of the region.Nikolai Denin believes that the format of the video blog will be more meaningful and interesting for young voters to whom he refers in the first place. "Probably more interesting to go to the site on the Internet than to go on election day at your polling station," the Governor understands. He further warns Bryansk youth: "If you do not come to vote - approx. ed.) you all will address members of other generations, other views, and then you'll be writing on the Internet that you don't like in government and society.".

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