Valdis Pelsh save doctors

titleThe musically savvy presenter of the First channel, Valdis Pelsh, crippled unpleasant ailment.It's been a week showman lieth at home sick with a terrible sore throat. According to the charismatic Latvian, the body can not withstand the cold weather or stress.- I had to call an ambulance, as the temperature is decreased, - said "TD" Valdis. - They did not pick me up, and made a few jabs.AggravationOn the fifth day of the disease Pelsh began to lose the voice - more importantly, what he did for a living.According to the observations of physicians, the TV presenter got sick so suddenly in fact that the body is weakened after a recent severe inflammation. In order to fully recover, Valdis takes several years. Source: Valdis Pelsh save doctors.

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