The TV show `House-2` under threat of closure

titleThe TV project "Dom-2" must be closed, and TNT should be punished for the broadcast erotic and obscene phrases.To such conclusion participants in the second experimental session of the Public Council on morality on television."In my opinion, what was shown, is a part of life, but not all always flaunted. There is some sort of line, and you need to understand when and who enters this framework. It should be discussed. In my opinion, the management of the channel should be fined for cursing and naturalistic scenes, pornography that is showing up in the TV project "Dom-2", in the amount of not less than 5% of the turnover of the company", - quotes the business newspaper "Sight" words of the Deputy Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin."What I saw today, is, of course, illegal," - said Dean of the Higher school of television of the Moscow state University, political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov, commenting demonstrated to the audience the cuts of the most rigid fragments of reality shows downloaded from the Internet, where there were shown scenes of sexual intercourse, as well as fights between participants and participants of the project. According to Tretyakov, seen - "this is the height of vulgarity, obscenities, obscene" and could have on the audience only negative impact, reports RIA "Novosti"."If the Public Council on morality already existed, then I would speak out strongly against such programs have appeared on TV, said the expert. "I would suggest that the management of this channel is given that this project is nothing but the depravity already depraved youth is voluntarily close it down." Tretyakov also advocated a system of fines to "curtail the ability of such personnel in the air".This view was supported by child psychologist Irina Medvedeva, who noted that "the scenes of violence are not amenable to any explanation, and the abundance of curses is a form of acute psychosis". "Censorship in this case it is important, vitally important. It should be banned. And our boys not be allowed to be removed, so they do not become mentally incapacitated, " said Medvedev. - Destruction of sexual shame is the destruction of the psyche, the personality. This is typical of schizophrenia in the last stage, the stage of the defect".Note that the management of the project "Dom-2" and its leading Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Borodina did not come to the meeting of the Public Council. To appear at this event banned and current participants of the TV show."For 4.5 years project degraded, outlived its usefulness, said former member of the TV show Lucien Alekseeva. In the beginning we for a mate fined for fighting expelled. Initially, we money is not offered. I came to see this project and to write a book about it, as I did. Now the participants receive money, for some, it's a good way to make money and to become famous". Adeline Garayev said that in 2006, during one day of filming was paying $ 30, but the camera in the toilet, aimed at the toilet, was standing."In Hollywood movies good wins. In "the House-2", unfortunately, Vice versa, " said another former member of the Roman Tretyakov. - Perhaps because the organizers missed the balance between good and evil. But the demand from those people who throw this in the air. I can't answer for every emotional outburst, because it's 24 hours a day".Recall that the first experimental session of the Public Council on morals on television took place in August 2008. It discussed the film "a New earth". The event was attended by Iosif Kobzon, Pavel Lungin, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Vladimir Konkin, Alexander Mikhailov, Nikolay Burlyaev, Vladimir Mamontov and Mikhail Leontiev. Source: the TV Project "Dom-2" under threat of closure.

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