Belyavsky hospitalized in serious condition

titleThe actor Alexander Beliavsky, who is loved by several generations of Russian people, serious health problems.As it became known LIFE.RU Alexander Borisovich in serious condition was taken to the hospital named after Botkin with a diagnosis of heart failure. The actor was immediately admitted to the sixteenth surgical Department.- Alexander Borisovich now really is in hospital, - has shared with LIFE.RU actor's wife Lyudmila Tikhonovna. - He's in very serious condition, he again heart problems. It will stay in the hospital.Two days after admission to the artist became a bit better. Belyavsky is a separate VIP-room.- He did three days ago. Was delivered in a very serious condition - admitted LIFE.RU the hospital staff. - Now it feels OK. A stable condition. For him to provide a VIP room.The diseaseWe remind readers that Alexander Belyavsky has already had two strokes. The last time the legendary Fox was in a hospital bed because of problems with the vessels of the brain. Before that doctors were saving Alexander Borisovich in 2003 after he needed many months of rehabilitation. Source: Belyavsky hospitalized in serious condition.

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