Caballe put an end to the relationship with Baskov

titleMontserrat Caballe set point in the creative duet with Nikolai Baskov. More together they would not participate. Besides the famous singer appeared health problems.On 14 February there was held a concert of the great Spanish Opera diva Montserrat Caballe and "Golden tenor" of Russia Nikolay Baskov in "Lincoln center" in new York. A pleasure to behold Caballe and Baskov at a joint concert cost art lovers in the $ 300 per ticket, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets".To the American public the stars sang arias from operas,as well as Spanish, Italian and Russian songs. Encore Nicholas and Montserrat sang a duet of "black Eyes". Basque, of course, could not do without your show presentation and public declarations of love Opera divas. In the middle of the song he snatched from one of the bouquets of rose, clutching it in his teeth, he knelt down in front of the singer, then began to pluck the petals from the roses and throw them at the feet Caballe. By the way, still in Moscow, Basque bought for Montserrat "Valentine" and handed it to the singer at the concert, which took place on Valentine's day.The audience could not help but notice the markedly deteriorating health of the singer. To move around the stage Caballe all the while helping the pianist, who firmly held Montserrat under the arm. After the concert, the famous Spanish flu was so exhausted that left the concert hall through the maintenance exit where there were no steps on which the singer would be hard to get down.Concert in new York, the artists put an end to their tandem. Joint performances of these stars were kind of master classes Montserrat for Baskov. "Master class for Nicholas over. But he will always be a family member, " admitted the singer. I am ready at any moment to give him any professional advice". And Basque noted the financial side of their collaboration: "Montserrat gave me a lesson and didn't take a dime. And why should she? She is a very rich woman. The single "Barcelona", which they recorded with Freddie mercury, is still the best selling. Only my costs was life in Europe. On flights alone spent a ton of money". Source: Caballe put an end to the relationship with Baskov.

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