Mickey mouse turned 80 years old

titleExactly 80 years ago in the U.S. premiere of the animated film with the participation of Mickey mouse. In a few months the mouse has become a favorite cartoon character of Americans.He helped them survive the Great depression, and his Creator Walt disney to have brought billions of dollars.Note that the artist himself had planned to name the mouse Mortimer. However, shortly before the screening of the spouse of Disney came up with a new name - Mickey mouse. In the first film about the adventures of a cheerful animal no one wanted to invest. The animator had to sell the car to release the first cartoon "Steamboat Willie", reports NTV.Premiere of animated film was held not in Hollywood, and in new York on Broadway. The picture was black and white, but with sound, but the love of the audience won't immediately. Only after a few weeks the mouse has captured the hearts of Americans. Three years later in the US began to publish comics about the adventures of Mickey mouse.As Walt Disney himself for many years to come up with scenarios, he drew and University of Minnesota. "In cartoons and the impossible is possible. The main thing that the viewer had the feeling that all is true that all of it is true," said the animator. For many merits to disney several times offered to take the post of mayor of Los Angeles. However, the artist always politely refused.Cartoons with Mickey mouse, the filming was stopped in 1995. In the recent period, the mouse was speaking with the voice of Wayne Allwine. "I began to realize over the years that I could not voice, if I didn't have the same optimism and naivety as in Mickey" - confessed the actor.In Russia Mickey mouse came in 1935, taking part in the first Moscow film festival. Since 1999 replica multpersonazh for Russians to voice actor Oleg Oleg. He had a rare vocal talent, working as a singer-countertenor. Throughout the world, this high voice is recorded no more than a hundred people, reports RIA "Novosti". Source: Mickey mouse turns 80 years old.

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