Discovered sketches presumably the work of da Vinci

titleThe staff of the Louvre found three sketches that may belong to the great Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, has informed on Thursday Agency France Presse with reference to the statement of the Museum.The document States that previously unknown sketches, probably done by da Vinci, were discovered during routine examination of paintings in the laboratory of the Louvre on the reverse known works of the Italian masters - "Madonna and child with Saint Anne"."When painting, painted in oil on wood, removed, curator of the Department of painting of the notice on the reverse side two a slight sketch depicting a horse's head and half of the skull" - said in a statement.After this painting "Madonna and child with Saint Anne" was sent for further examination, and experts found the third sketch, which depicts the baby Jesus and lamb.The researchers have called the find "extraordinary discovery". To the naked eye to see, the outline is almost impossible, and that's why their existence was not known."This is an extraordinary discovery, sketches on the reverse side of the work (meet) is very rare, and to date about these sketches Leonardo was not known", - the document says.At present, specialists of the Louvre continues to explore the sketches found on reverse side of the work of a great master. Source: Discovered sketches presumably the work of da Vinci.

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