The Times has named the top ten favorite dishes of Obama

titleOn the eve of the inauguration of the 44th President of the USA, the British newspaper the Times published a top 10 favorite dishes of Barack Obama.According to the publication, most of the new U.S. President loves "Stunning chili with beef". Obama has his own recipe for this very spicy dish.Followed by pizza with mushrooms, garlic and mint, which Obama always orders by visiting your favorite Italian restaurant in Chicago. The third number are paired Burger and chips. Number four - sweet potato pie. And completing the top five honey pears with Parmesan and arugula.According to The Times, Obama also loves prawns with coriander, reminiscent of a childhood spent in Hawaii, where Obama, for the first time he tried to cook Chinese food.In seventh place in the list of favorite dishes of the 44th President of Indian cuisine - curry of spinach and lentils. Number eight - Mexican chicken with spicy sauce. Number nine - the omelette and hash (finely chopped meat, fried with vegetables) in Spanish. Number ten - tuna and chili with fresh coconut salad. Source: The Times has named the top ten favorite dishes of Obama.

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