Pugachev was the victim of a young Gypsy

titleDiva was the victim of juvenile beggars, arrived at a private screening of the new film with Kristina Orbakaite in the title role, "Love-Carrots-2".Arbat Roma this evening lucky day: sassy boys had a chance to get a "subsidy" from the hands of the Alla Pugacheva. Little Amateur to poslastit bills attacked the star of the first magnitude into her "Rolls Royce".Specifically to Alla Borisovna was the first to see new movie with Orbakaite and Kutsenko starring in night blocked the cinema "October". Diva came to a little more civil with Maxim Galkin and star pattern Orbakajte with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov arrived a half hour early. However, my daughter has not been the first person I saw Pugachev on the way to the cinema.Is Christina the artist had a chance to talk with five Gypsies, who crowd rushed to star auto. Trying to impress, the most nimble boy knelt in front of the door of the car Alla Borisovna. Showering the star compliments, the boy noticed that the hand of Alla Borisovna already reaches into a bag for a purse, says "Life".- Alms, good aunt, ' cried the boys. - Please, Oh poda-a-AIT!Maxim Galkin, which for some reason amused by such courage and even boldness kids, got out of the car and chose to watch developments from the sidelines. And watch what was: Alla Borisovna has enriched every Gypsy no less than a thousand rubles."Thank you, my lady, you're like a doll! - the guys laughed.- Business, " said Pugachev signing any kids.Your efforts, Alla Borisovna, now not only business, but also wealthy."Good, good aunt - shared boys. - And it really was Alla Pugacheva? We didn't recognize her. Source: Pugacheva became the victim of a young Gypsy.

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