Barrymore claims to be directing `Eclipse`

titleVampire youth Saga by Stephenie Meyer continues to be one of the most talked about film projects in recent months. Last week it was announced that Chris Weitz will not remove the third film in the series.Today there was talk that the Director's seat "Eclipse" claims drew Barrymore.Weitz, who is now urgently removes "the Moon", have to catch up to November of this year. The film will be released on the 20th. But the third part will be released on 30 July 2010. Thus, between the premieres of "new Moon" and "Eclipse" there is very little time. It is not surprising that the Studio Summit Entertainment has decided for the third time to change Director.According to Entertainment Weekly, the Studio is negotiating with several Directors. And among them is actress drew Barrymore. We shouldn't be surprised: drew has just finished work on his directorial debut, the Comedy Whip It! with the participation of the nominees on the award "Oscar" Ellen page. Of course, Summit and representatives Barrymore from comments while abstain.Given the fact that drew has a very long in the movie business - she started her career in Steven Spielberg's "E. T." at the age of seven - it can be assumed that the production of the film the actress will be fine. Moreover, since 1999 Barrymore is engaged in producing films. She has worked not only on comedies like "never been kissed" and "Charlie's Angels" but also the mystical drama "Donnie Darko" - only due to the interest Barrymore this cult movie actually saw the light.It is also believed that the material Stephenie Meyer is a very fertile ground for filmmakers-women as the target audience as books and films - the fair sex. Source: Barrymore claims to be the Director's seat "Eclipse"".

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