Fyodor Bondarchuk was urgently operated

title41-year-old film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk wakes up in the intensive care unit of one of capital clinics. The actor had to do emergency surgery on a recently broken hand.Severe fracture of the famous "commander" "9th company" received a week ago. The famous TV presenter, Director and actor on the set unsuccessfully stumbled, fell and broke her right wrist. Then Fedor did not attach much importance.FractureInjured hand did not disturb the artist. However, a week later the pain intensified and Fedor had to go to the doctors.- It is unclear how one can not notice that his hand was broken, and the pieces moved, " says the doctor of the clinic where you put Bondarchuk.The doctors TV presenter turned only when the hand became very sore and swollen. After an x-ray, the doctors gasped. Radiocarpal joint actor was fractured in several places, and the pieces moved.Medics saw the "star" of the patient and insisted on urgent hospitalization.- You could tell. That without surgery not to do, " continues the doctor. - To delay the operation was impossible.OperationThe doctors feared that the bone may not grow together, and then the hand would have to re-break.The operation was scheduled a day after hospitalization actor.- Suffered a wrist joint, reveals doctor of the hospital. The rehabilitation phase will be long, while the actor is generally not recommended to move the brush.In the injured hand of a novel, the surgeons insert a metal pin, which fixes the bone. The most complicated operation lasted nearly two hours. The doctors had literally splinters to collect the injured joint.Immediately after surgery, 41-year-old actor was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he was allocated a comfortable single room.The clinic Fyodor Bondarchuk will have to spend at least a week. Doctors persuaded the actor not to rush to check out and take the full course of treatment. But the last word, as always, will remain with the patient. The artist himself about his illness prefer not to spread.I just had the surgery, I broke my arm, tortured voice says the Director. - So let's better tomorrow I'll call you.The mood of the actor is aggravated by the fact that he was hospitalized on the eve of the birthday of his wife Svetlana.- Today is her birthday, and I'm in the hospital... sadly says Fedor. Source: Fedor Bondarchuk was urgently operated.

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