Stalin offered to rebury

titleThe day before, on 5 March, the member of Federal political Council of party "the just cause" Boris Nadezhdin said that Stalin should rebury in the Georgian city of Gori.According to Boris Nadezhdin, "by Christian standards, in human terms" correctly it will be buried "in the place where he came from"."As a result of the activities of the bloody tyrant, known as Stalin, millions of people in our country died from killings, repression, hunger, disease. The remains of these people often have neither the cross, nor the signs - they're scattered throughout our vast Homeland. Someone rot in the woods, someone in the swamps, someone in the camps. In such a situation, I consider that a sacrilege that this man is buried in the center of the capital of my homeland", - said the member of Federal political Council of the party "Right cause".5 March - the anniversary of Stalin's death.The party "Right cause" was made on 5 March, a statement in support of the initiative of other democratic forces to introduce criminal liability for propaganda of Stalinism and the denial of the crimes of the Stalinist regime. Source: Stalin's offer to rebury.

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