Amy Winehouse in critical condition

titleThe famous singer Amy Winehouse was again hospitalized. On Saturday the star was taken to one of the London clinics, she looked far better.The representative of the singer claims that the singer is not going into rehab. "Amy is being examined about the infection in the respiratory tract. She's all right, and you can be released," says about the health of the actress by her press Secretary.However, the appearance Winehouse still raises serious concerns about her health. In the eye catches a painful thinness of the singer, inflamed skin and yellowed teeth.Over the last month about Amy nothing was heard. Apparently, this little lull not get the star benefit. To the hospital bed artist this year is adjudged not for the first time.In June the doctors had warned Winehouse that she should either quit drugs or die". Amy was diagnosed with "emphysema". In this disease you need to quit Smoking and to stop Smoking drugs.The disease threatens at first to end the career of Winehouse, depriving her voice, and then you can begin the really serious problems. In the later stages of emphysema patients can breathe only by means of special apparatus.However, Amy admonitions of doctors had no effect. From the hospital she came out with a Smoking cigarette. Despite the fact that the behavior of the singer was trying to keep her father Mitch Winehouse, significant progress him to achieve so far failed. The man has repeatedly advised to follow the example of the father of Britney Spears, because after Jamie Spears decisively intervened in the life of the daughter, her things went smoothly. Source: Amy Winehouse in critical condition.

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